Wednesday, January 31, 2018



Welcome back! Did you miss me?! I decided to take a, much needed, social media break and really enjoyed Christmas and NY (hope you did too!) and was in a happy refreshed space. 
I mean dont I look good in my selfie, above? Damn I was feeling myself that day! 😊 
I've wanted to post for so long. I just couldn't get it together! I hate that the months gone by I and this is my only post for the month, but life had a way of simply having its way. I thought I'd share with you a bit of an update. You may need snacks.

                                                                                               am i addicted to the internet?

In spite of my social media break, I've developed a very unhealthy relationship with my phone. It's the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing at night AND I can spend hours on it. So waking up at 7am is futile if I never leave the bed until 10-12pm! Dont get me started on the nights I decide that my IG timeline is worth scrolling on until 3AM in the morning!!! And if its not IG, its Netflix or Youtube videos. Inevitably I dont wake up until noon the next day, because my body has decided I am no longer a person who can survive on nonsensical amounts of zzzzz. 

I stumbled across a quiz from Psych Central called Are You Addicted to the Internet - I scored 19 = Borderline Net Addiction. Phew, not too late to turn this around. I need to implement structure to my days . I can't let working from home make me complacent with my time and its going to take more than a "get to bed by 10:30pm" alarm to sort out this unhealthy cycle. Its throwing my day out of sync and me into a constant state of feeling like I'm never getting enough done...and the reality is, I'm not. 
4hrs sleep doth not a productive person make.

worky stuff

Another reason theres been silence on the blog is that I've been trying to get a job in the fashion industry. ITS BLOODY HARD. 
I knew it would be, but this has been a goal of mine since 2015, honestly I thought I would have found something by now, even if it was unpaid.

I'm sending out CV's everyday, jazzing it up with the help of Etsy, tailoring cover letters and watching every "How to land a fashion internship/fashion job" video I can find on Youtube. 

My mailbox is full of job recruitment vacancy alerts, I've become accustomed to stalking people shamelessly on Linkedin and often swerving around the "apply" button because most entry level work experience jobs require '1+ yrs previous experience'??? Uhhh hello!? Logic?? Pray for me guys, I'm struggling to keep the dream alive.


I'm hoping that in 6 months time you'll be indulging in content titled: "How I turned my life around" featuring me in much better circumstance, but for now my truth is my savings have depleted and my incomes not like it used to be. There's so much I want to experience this year. Experiences that money cant buy and I wish Eventbrite would understand this and stop pestering me for my bank details every time I attempt to 

It's a reminder that at the moment I cant provide for myself/others, the way I want to and its a consequence in my pursuit of happiness. I'm not going back to a job just for good pay, I NEED MORE THAN MONEY, so if a low income is what I have to put up with for the time-being, so be it.


My finances have affected me being able to produce the content I had planned. I find myself stalling photographers I really want to work with because I simply dont have the money to spare. I wanted to revamp the blog and create amazing visual content, but reality is I cant afford it right now. I am brainstorming ways I can do this on a budget. I took a break from blogging to concentrate on my job searches but the blog and work go hand in hand and ultimately producing content, you guys enjoy really lifts my spirits. What I will have to work out however is how I can be productive in both areas without running myself into the ground. 



The tired of apologising for being me me, the always making time for people who dont make time for me me, the make up the numbers for your bday or event me, the chronic worrier me, the stay resilient no matter what you say to/treat me me, we are all tired...

2017 made me realise I've come too far to continue nurturing relationships that make me feel like I'm journeying backwards.

- people pleasing is not love
- boundaries are necessary
- self care is not selfish
- worrying does not change the situation

Pay attention to how peoples energy make you  feel. MAJOR KEY. As a result I left most people in 2017. I've stopped returning calls/texts, I leave people on 'read'. I'm doing whats best for me. Taking charge of this area in my life has been a positive game-changer. I'm no longer prepared to neglect the one person who's always believed in me.

                                                                      MeAnd I'm ready to put the work in to know her again

ultimately a bad january doesn't mean a bad year

Unlike the rest of world I was not wishing for January to hurry up and end but rather slow down - I'll never understand why were so eager to move onto the next, then come December turn to each other and say "I cant believe its almost 201x...the years gone by soooooooo quick!" *insert shock face*

My worst fear is that this standstill that has followed me year to year is a permanent frenemy in my life. But then maybe I'm putting too much emphasis on achieving goals to give meaning to how good or bad a year/month is?

So my "New Year, New Me" hasn't really taken off like I hoped, well that doesn't mean the change I seek isn't getting closer and closer each day, its just sometimes progress is hard to see. So even though my patience has been tried on all levels, I'm still here, your still here and there's still time for us to turn things around. 

goodbye january.
hello february...round 2? 

Hands up if your still excited for the 2018! 🙋

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Friday, December 15, 2017


Buying for boys can sometimes take us out of our comfort zones and lead us to panic buy really crappy generic gifts. Well it’s not your fault, they told you they didn’t want anything/not bothered, but let’s be real everyone wants something special for Christmas. So, if you’re looking to step it up this year and do the man in your life justice, then this gift guide is for you!

Just like my last post, Gift Guide: For Her I have picked different items to fit into three different categories: Beauty, Style & Lifestyle.
I especially love the techy items in this gift guide because I definitely don’t think they are limited to just being gifts for men. I would be super happy if someone bought me a drone! Check it out!


Personal grooming is just as important for men as it is for women. The fanciest toothbrush I’ve ever seen. He can’t go wrong with whiter teeth but get him to brush his teeth in style and stop chewing his toothbrush to shreds, if he’s anything like my brother... Available in Rose Gold too!

There’s nothing better than a man that smells amazing. Dior Sauvage has a woody, spicy strong scent that’s alluring and hands down beats a Lynx Set.

Have you ever been in an Aesop shop? The products are perfectly aligned around the shop, it’s Heaven and the products, even more heavenly. This luxurious set is a real treat after a long day or workout. Clean and refreshed. What more could he want?

#Teamcosy is a way of life for everyone. Snuggly and comfortable and if its for your other half then you can steal it when he’s not there. Win win.

  5.    Alphabet Wash Bag
He’s going to need somewhere to store his Aesop kit or you can fill it up with other goodies you think he may need. Affordable and personal.


This jumper is 90s vibes personified. I am obsessed with the retro repeated “vision” logo. They would look great with a pair of jeans or matching coloured joggers.

A pricey gift but they look lit with the right outfit. Perfect colour for this season and would look great with Item 9.

My brother usually leaves the house bagless with only his wallet and phone in his pockets. But when he goes to the gym or needs an overnight bag he uses his Superdry rucksack. Its durable, spacious and goes with any outfit.

Camo is big this season and these pair are trendy and cool af. My brother practically lives in his so I think that’s a thumbs up for sure.

Upgrade his wrist to something special. It looks like a standard watch but has a techy twist: built-in tracker to count his steps or monitor his goals. I wonder if it will fit my wrist?...


I mean do you need a reason for this one? If you do then you need to type “epic drone footage” into YouTube search. Thank me later.

Star Wars Film is out today!! Perfect gift for a fan, there are also Yoda slippers!!

This is really a gift for the household. It can turn on and off the lights in your home, call your friends,  play music and a lot more. I have one and its pretty cool.

You can turn your phone into a Gameboy! You may have to hide his phone cos this is really addictive and super nostalgic. And its gone down to £49! Get it before it goes!

I know this may seem generic but sometimes you can’t beat a good ole mug and a pair of socks. Classic.

There you have it, my gift recommendations for the men in your life this Christmas. I know I’ll be purchasing some of the items.


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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

As I get older it gets harder and harder for me to figure out “Hmmmm What do I want for Christmas…?”
I remember as a child I would lay out the Argos catalogue, circling every doll and electronic gadget, excitedly singing along to the Toys R Us and Coca Cola adverts. Fun memories of waking my parents up at 4am to open presents and raiding my stocking, because who sleeps on Christmas Eve!!??? Barbie’s, Goosebumps and Jacqueline Wilson books, Walkman’s and cassettes and that one Christmas I got a Princess Sindy doll with a Horse and Carriage, the full works, and then sent it airborne down a flight of stairs 30mins after receiving it, breaking a wheel and the reins. Don’t ask. I don’t know why I thought it would fly either….¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Times are different now and while I know Santa is not real, I still get excited for Christmas, especially the food lol, mums throws it down in the kitchen. And instead of “Dear Santa…” I have to reply to texts saying, “can you let me know what you’d like please or should I give you money?” lol. 
December 15th. That’s the date my family have given me to tell them what I would like and I’m finding it incredibly hard! So, I thought I would create a gift guide for people like me who can’t make up our minds or if you are struggling to decide what to buy a relative, friend or significant other.


 1.    Tiffany & Co. Eau De Parfum 50ml
I love Tiffany Jewellery and was so excited to see they have released a perfume! I am quite sensitive to smells some can cause headaches but this is honestly a beautiful bright and fresh floral fragrance in a gorgeous tiffany box.

 2.     Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush
This year I have invested more into my skincare routine. More masks, facial steams and applying creams and serums the right way! I always feel like makeup wipes don’t fully take off my make-up but I don’t have to worry about that with the cleansing brush. If you’re a skin enthusiast, like me, then adding the Clinique cleansing brush to your regime is a must.

 3.     Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette
I am obsessed with warm rich eyeshadow tones and Huda Beauty has 18 shades including both mattes and amazing metallics that do not disappoint. First off, the packaging is gorgeous, the cover OMGAAAAAD! I’m dying to get my hands on this palette honestly, I’m in love with it. You could definitely create some neutral looks, then when the time is right have fun and turn up on your eyeshadow game!

 4.     Impressions Touch 2.0 LED Vanity Mirror
Its more than a mirror its glam, its lit, its over-the-top, you don’t need it and that’s why you need it. Add some glam to your dressing table and get ready in style. I have linked some alternatives as I last I checked it was sold out on the site, but check back because you never know. Similar here in Matte Black 

 5.     Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer
How many of us have brushes in storage because they need washing but its longggggggHands up! You too Lavinya - ok my hands are definitely up. I always plan to do it on the weekends but then they take forevaaa to dry, so I can be lazy and buy new brushes instead. #dontjudgeme 
That is why I need the Stylpro. My make-up brushes can be cleaned, dried and ready to use in seconds? #HELLYEA!


 6.     Ted Baker Sorikai Suede and Leather Bag 
I know the internet has spent 2017 going crazy over the Gucci Dionysus but first of all…personally, I think it’s a little overrated…soz. The Sorikai is much nicer IMO. It’s available in a range of colours but the gorgeous tan mustard colour is ticking all the winter style boxes for me and the gold chain handle just adds to the luxury.

 7.     Topshop Striped Slouch Trousers 
There’s something so 70s about them that have my attention. Their fun and perfect for the season. I'm trying so hard to switch off my default settings aka "wear jeans for every occasion" I think these may help me do the trick.

 8.     New Look Beaded Belle Print Sweatshirt 
2017 has definitely been the year of the sweatshirt. I am #teamcosy for life. I love the bold lettering and think they would look really good layered over shirts and with the Topshop trousers…I’m just saying.

 9.     Stradivarius Lace Up Ankle Boots 
It wasn’t my intention to create an outfit but I think my picks are on to something! And these lace up boots would totally compliment the whole look. I am obsessed with the block heel and the intricate lace up detail on the boots, very Louis Vuitton-esque but a fraction of the price. Their selling out fast so get them quick!!! 

 10.   CLUSE Watch by Negin Mirsalehi 
One of my fav bloggers has to be Negin and shes teamed up with Cluse on this gorgeous limited edition watch with interchangeable straps. For the blush pink, velvet strap alone, I’m sold. A 10/10 Xmas treat.


This star print PJ’s are the perfect attire for a lazy day indoors and their cute af!

I love poring over old photo albums of birthdays, weddings, random family occasions and baby photos, and although I love technology, the fact our memories stay on our phones, Instagram or “the cloud” is a real shame. Having the HP photo printer means you can easily print off your pictures no matter where you are and make them mean more than a few likes on social media. #priceless

Well I can’t feature a comfy outfit and not have the footwear to match!!! I was gifted these last year and honestly, I have spent the year with my toes snuggly and always looking cute to answer the door to the postman or deliveroo ;)

I LOVE the idea of plants around the room but a. they always die and b. I cannot deal with spiders! So anything with leaf print has my attention. Great way of adding the aesthetic without having to remember to water it…lol

2017 has really shown me how important self care is. Self care can be movies days, pamper days or sometimes its quiet time spent journaling. I’ve always kept an journal but I am not always consistent with it and sometimes its hard to know what to write or how to articulate it. The 52 lists project is a great way to ease in journaling-shy types or keep you inspired. All you need is a pen AND OF COURSE THIS BOOK.

Hope you found some inspiration from this post! 12 DAYS TO GO!


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